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Altamarea Group Gets Paintings by Famous Artist Nasser Azam

Altamarea Group Gets Paintings by Famous Artist Nasser Azam

Here, Nasser Azam defies gravity by creating a large painting in zero gravity conditions.

The Altamarea Group has announced that they have acquired 11 oil paintings by Nasser Azam, the modern London-based artist, known for his “extreme” art. The paintings will be put on display at Marea (Columbus Circle), and will be the latest in a series of Azam’s paintings displayed at the Altamarea restaurants; previous paintings were on display at Costata.

Azam’s most famous works of art include his bronze statue of Athena, the tallest bronze sculpture in the U.K., as well as his “Performance Painting” project, which involved him painting in extreme conditions, like the sub-zero temperatures in Antarctica.

“Azam’s dynamic post Pop paintings complement the energetic spirit of award winning Marea and Costata’s contemporary vibes as well as the Altamarea Group’s cultural associations with fashion, film and the arts,” said a representative from the restaurant group in a press release.

The paintings will be on display near Marea’s bar and private dining space.

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi

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This is usually a secret auction, held in London, with only your art nose (and those telltale high bids to guide you). This year, it’s going online, you know what you’re bidding on and Newbury-based auction house, Dreweatts is running the show.

Alongside the biggest names, look out for pieces by Molly Brocklehurst, Lucy Bryant, Eliot Lord and Heath Kane. The auction end on Thu 9 Jul at 2pm, to give you an idea of what is one offer, here’s our 10 lots to watch…

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Special Report: Syed Talat Hussain سید طلت حسین

Awaz Apni Exclusive Report: Syed Talat Hussain (Urdu: سید طلت حسین) is the executive director of AAJ Television[1] and hosts the famous show Live with Talat. He writes for Newsline, Daily Dawn, Time Magazine, Daily Times (Pakistan), Daily Express and occasionally contributes to India Today.
Talat Hussain is married to Tehmina Talat and has 2 kids, a boy Shamil and a girl Afza. He lives in Islamabad.

As a media professional he has vast experience in establishing news and current affairs systems. He established aRYs Islamabad office and headed the team that launched PTV World News. He has held key positions of Director News & Current affairs with Pakistan Television Corporation Prime Television (UK) and Telebiz. He is frequently invited to lecture at prestigious forums like National Defence College of Pakistan air War College Pakistan Naval War College Pakistan Foreign Services Training academy of Pakistan Information Services Training academy of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam University (International Relations Department). He fluently speaks English Urdu and Punjabi.

He has worked as an editor for The News in Rawalpindi. He has worked with CNN and American Broadcasting as a producer and has done extensive reporting for the Los Angeles Times, he also contributes to the The Guardian Newspaper as well as the New York Times.

As a media professional he has vast experience in establishing news and current affairs departments. He established ARY’s Islamabad office and headed the team that launched PTV World News. He has held key positions of Director, News & Current Affairs with Pakistan Television Corporation, Prime Television (UK) and Telebiz. In July 2008, Talat joined Daily Express as a contributing writer.
He is a good player of cricket.

He is frequently invited to deliver lectures at prestigious forums such as the National Defence University, PAF Air War College, Pakistan Navy War College, Foreign Services Academy, Information Services Training Academy of Pakistan, and Quaid-i-Azam University (International Relations Department).
[edit] Current Affairs Shows by Talat

* Sawaray Sawaray - PTV
* Live with Talat - AAJ TV

Gaza flotilla clash
On the 30th of May 2010, Hussain was aboard the convoy amid conflict during the Gaza flotilla clash. Due to loss of communications, Hussain's status and whereabouts are unknown although a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pakistan) stated "the Government of Pakistan is seriously concerned over the well-being and whereabouts of the Pakistani citizens and media personnel including Syed Talat Hussain and Raza Mahmood Agha who were on board the Flotilla bound for Gaza. The Foreign Ministry is in constant touch with its Missions in the region to ascertain the well-being of our nationals."

Nawaz sharif’s Daughter is married to a grandson of King Fahd?

Thursday, 16 October 2008, 10:16

C O N F I D E N T I A L RIYADH 001541


REF: A. (A) ISLAMABAD 3249 B. (B) RIYADH 1510 C. (C) RIYADH 1175 D. (D) ISLAMABAD 2405

Classified By: CDA David Rundell, reasons 1.4 b & d.

1. (C) SAUDIS UNHAPPY WITH ZARDARI: Echoing Pakistani interlocutors in Washington and Islamabad, in an introductory call with PolCouns, Pakistani DCM Sarfraz Khanzada (protect) characterized Saudi-Pakistani relations as “under strain.” This was due, he said, to a lack of Saudi confidence in the Zardari government. He cited a sharp reduction in Saudi financial assistance to Pakistan, and said that the Saudis had not provided “a single drop” of oil at the concessionary terms promised last year (refs c & d). Instead, during 2008, the Saudis had provided assistance in the form of a single $300 million check, considerably less than in previous years, but “beggars can’t be choosers,” he lamented. Khanzada opined that the Saudi government appeared to be “waiting for the Zardari government to fall.”

2. (C) NAWAS FAVORED: Khanzada said the Pakistanis are convinced that Saudi King Abdallah would prefer to see Pakistan run by former PM Nawas Sharif, and were cutting back assistance to Pakistan to hasten this eventuality. Nawas “practically lives” in Saudi Arabia, Khanzada declared, claiming that Nawas had even been favored with reserved prayer space in the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Because Nawas’ daughter is married to a grandson of King Fahd, he has “become a member of the Saudi royal family.” (Comment: Embassy is not able to confirm whether this is true. End comment.)

3. (C) AFGHAN MEDIATION: Khanzada claimed that the Pakistani government was not directly informed about the Saudi Afghan mediation effort, though they suspected that Nawas had been present, since he was in Mecca at the same time. While the Pakistani government did not oppose such talks in principle, they believe they have little chance of succeeding without U.S. and Pakistani participation.

4. (C) COMMENT: Khanzada’s remarks track with reporting from Islamabad and Washington regarding Pakistani concerns about deteriorating relations with the Saudis. While our Saudi interlocutors tend to be less forthcoming, they’ve made no secret of their reservations regarding Asif Zardari. Nevertheless, officials continue to insist that Saudi Arabia supports efforts to stabilize Pakistan, and we expect that Saudi officials will participate in the next round of meetings of the Friends of Pakistan

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