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How to make shaorma

How to make shaorma

Clean the chicken legs well and put them in a bowl;

Mix all spices;

I sprinkle them with oil and season them well;

I put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven at 170 degrees to cook;

In the meantime, I'll take care of the mayonnaise.

It is good that the boiled yolk is not very, very boiled, because it does not crumble well and sometimes whole pieces remain. In this case we pass it through a small strainer; And the raw yolk should not be too cold to incorporate better.

I will then add the mustard, a little salt and the juice of half a lemon. From my point of view, if you add mustard and lemon, there is no way to cut it.

And now I'm going to put some oil. Mayonnaise must be hydrated little by little if we want it not to cut.

And now it's your decision what you want to use: wooden spoon, tel, or mixer. I will use a mixer! Why? Because I want to work less in the first place, but I also deny the rumor that the mixer will be cut. We start at low speed - when we reach this consistency, we add oil gradually. And depending on how much mayonnaise we want, we add as much oil. I repeat, gradually!

That's the consistency you're looking for. To stay on target and not fall!

I'll set aside 4 tablespoons. I mix 2 tablespoons of them with the well-crushed garlic and so I will have mayonnaise with garlic, and the other 2 I will mix them with spicy ketchup and sour cream, and so I will have spicy sauce.

So recap: mayonnaise base, garlic mayonnaise and hot mayonnaise.

The salad, washed very well beforehand, breaks;

Finely chop the parsley;

I will chop the cabbage into strips, and the pickles and the round tomatoes;

Last but not least, the red onion, which I will cut into juliennes;

I will fry the potatoes;

I had them here in ice water, to get them out of the starch and make them crispier;

I line them well with napkins and prepare them for frying.

Heat the oil well in this tuci, and add the potatoes;

When they turn golden they take them out on a plate with napkins;

Season them with salt and pepper;

Now that we're done with everything, let's check out the chicken!

Is ready !

I'm going to take out this chopper, by the way it smells great, and I let it cool down a bit;

I start editing.

Grease a Lebanese stick with plain mayonnaise and add strips of meat, french fries, spicy sauce and garlic sauce, tomatoes, parsley, white cabbage, red cabbage, salad and optionally red onions or hot pepper slices;

I roll it and gather it at the ends with a little baking paper;


How to make homemade cream butter for cream & # 8211 old recipe

How to make homemade cream butter for cream & # 8211 old recipe. How to separate butter from whey (buttermilk) using the mixer? The recipe for homemade natural butter prepared as in the past. The recipe for sweet butter, half salted or salted. Homemade natural dairy recipes. Recipes with sweet cream for whipped cream.

I think many of you have asked yourself: how to make homemade butter? Very simple and with one ingredient: sweet cream for whipped cream. The cut cream (beaten too much) turns into butter. The technique of beating butter is an ancient one and can be done by several mechanical methods. The idea is to stir the cream until it separates into butter and buttermilk (whipped milk, buttermilk or Buttermilch).

The sweet cream for whipped cream is the one collected from the surface of freshly milked cow's milk. In a few hours a thick, dense and slightly yellowish layer of fat rises to its surface. By skimming the milk (degreasing or collecting the cream) you get the sweet cream from which you can beat the cream and a milk with a lower fat content.

This cream from which homemade butter is made must have over 30% fat (preferably 35-40%) and be sweet, unfermented. So we do NOT make sour cream from butter in the bucket, from the one for sarmale or papanaşi! I bought thick and greasy cream from the Arad market, from local producers. It is sold in 400-500 ml glasses and is very dense. It must be diluted with a little cold milk because it is otherwise very hard to beat.

In the past, butter was beaten in a small way, but in time the separation equipment evolved: crank barrel (for large quantities) or antique mixer with glass container, metal or wooden pallets and crank. In our area (Arad) the Swabians have introduced these "technological innovations" since the 18th century. (Image source: Wikipedia)

Small quantities of homemade butter can also be made in a jar with a lid: put the cream and shake the jar vigorously for minutes in a row & # 8230 is tiring.

How to make parsley salad. Vitamin C to the maximum

Parsley comes from southern Europe and was first cultivated 2000 years ago. It was originally used as a medicinal plant before being consumed as food.

Rich in vitamin C, even more than lemon, parsley can be a natural strengthener of the immune system, good stimulant of the nervous system, anti-infective, vasodilator, good hair regenerator.

Parsley is one of the seven spices that fight many diseases, along with ginger, oregano, cinnamon, saffron, sage and hot red pepper.

Parsley is often underappreciated, although it has important nutritional and palliative qualities. Most people do not know its benefits and use it only to decorate various types of food.

Although it is still uncertain when and where parsley began to be consumed as a spice, historians assume that this would have happened in the Middle Ages in Europe.

How to make parsley salad

Parsley is indispensable in the preparation of many dishes, being a healthy food. But parsley can be a star in a cool and tasty summer salad.

Fasting Shaorma: a delicious recipe for all gourmets

Even if it is fasting, family meals do not have to be boring! If you enjoyed going out to a family shaorma from time to time, you should not be sad when you start fasting, because there are many recipes for fasting shaorma, some even healthier than the classic version.

Fasting Shaorma, without soy is a recipe based on vegetables and hummus, which you can prepare quickly and easily at any time, and if you want to prove your housewife talents, you can invite your friends to taste it.

Ingredients needed for a fasting shaorma:

For the preparation of the glue:

For the filling:

How do you prepare shaorma for fasting? In just a few simple steps, which surely any housewife has done in the past:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a homogeneous composition. Then knead the dough well and leave it to rise for a few hours.

Divide it into two pieces and prepare the form of glue with the help of a twister. Put the two sticks in a baking tray for 3-4 minutes, on high heat.

First, wash and peel all the vegetables.

Zucchini, carrots and potatoes and onions cut into small cubes and place in a bowl. Grease a pan with oil and place these vegetables, then leave them in the oven for 30-40 minutes, until golden brown. Meanwhile, finely chop the cabbage, tomatoes, pickles and parsley. Add salt, pepper or paprika to taste.

After removing the vegetables from the oven, grease the two sticks with hummus or ketchup, depending on your preferences. To start, place the cooked vegetable mixture on the entire surface of the stick.

Then continue with the salad and fresh tomatoes, along with the pickles. Fold the glue, and your fasting shaorma is ready.

How do we make hummus or shaorma glues at home? Lebanese glue recipe, simple with sure success!

Even if it seems difficult to make at home, Lebanese glues for hummus or shaorma, it is not so and there are simple recipes with sure success. We just need a little patience to spread the dough as thin as possible and pay little attention to the thermal process.

Glues for hummus or shaorma

We like shaorma, we like Lebanese sticks, we still have to prepare them at home with tasty and healthy ingredients.

Here's what we need for the hummus or shaorma glue recipe:

  • 250 ml of hot water
  • 100 ml oil
  • 500-550 gr flour
  • salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar

How do we prepare the recipe for hummus or shaorma glue?

We start by boiling water with a pinch of salt. We leave it close to the boiling point.

Dissolve the baking soda & icircn vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar have the role of breaking the glue along the way, allowing them to become more flexible.

Sift the flour into a bowl, make a mixture in the middle of it and start pouring from the hot water, alternating with the oil, mixing them with a little flour. When the dough is slightly thickened, add the baking soda and continue to gradually mix the ingredients. We will get a slightly firm dough that we cover with a glass bowl, preferably and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.

After this interval, we break from the dough small pieces of about 100 gr, shape them into spherical shapes, cut them into small pieces, then spread them on thin, circular sheets, the size of a pan, on a well-floured table.

After spreading them well, sprinkle flour on top of them so that they are not sticky.

We fry the non-stick pan over medium heat, and bake the glues only for about 20-30 seconds on each side.

Careful! Lebanese glues should not be overcooked so as not to become crispy if we use them in shaorma! In addition, we turn them over on a damp towel and cover them so that we can run them.

If we prepare glues for hummus, we let them brown better, because they are better.

Ingredients needed for shaorma

To prepare chicken shaorma at home, you need:

  • chicken breast. I used a fresh chest casserole from Lidl
  • 4 large french fries. I fried them in a pan with a little oil. If you want to fry them in an oil bath, no problem. I preferred to do them that way.
  • half a lettuce or cabbage. This time I used salad because I had it at home, but I also really like it with cabbage.
  • tomatoes. I used about 10 cherry tomatoes. I chose this assortment because it seems to me that it is the only one that still tastes like tomatoes.
  • 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise or tzatzichi sauce. My family is not happy with mayonnaise, so this time I made a yogurt sauce with finely chopped garlic and cucumber.
  • onion.
  • pickles & # 8211 optional. This time I didn't use it, because I forgot. But I usually put and give shaorma a very good taste.
  • Lebanese stick. I also found the glue at Lidl. I took a bag with medium sticks. There are 10 in a bag and I spent about 6 lei on it, if my memory serves me right. I had a few left, but I ate them the next day stuffed with ham and cheese.

How we prepare:

To make the chicken a little more crispy, I cut it into small pieces, seasoned it well with salt, pepper and chicken seasoning, and then put it in a grill pan that I have been shaking ever since. when. I fried the potatoes in very little oil. When they were ready, I put out the fire and put the glue on them to warm up. I made the tzatzichi sauce from 4-5 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, a little salt, 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic and 2 chopped cucumbers. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions, I chopped them as for salad.

After all the ingredients were ready, I put the ingredients in the glue and rolled them. The first time I turned the bottom inwards, and then I rolled from left to right. After that, I wrapped them in aluminum foil. Thus, the ingredients did not fall off the stick and I was able to enjoy it without problems. As for time, I think it took me about 40 minutes to finish everything.

I'm curious if I'll make shaorma at home. I invite you to tell me in the comments!

How to get the taste of shaorma at home?

Hi, for some time I have been trying to reproduce the specific taste of shaorma (chicken) at home but so far nothing comes out exactly like in commercial shaormerias. We tried all sorts of mixes on our market and they didn't work. The Lebanese / Arab ones have cloves and all kinds of aromatic herbs in them and the Metro mix for shaorma / kebab is not very faithful. Many times when I took shaorma from the boys, it was full of stinginess so I prefer to do it with my own hand.

Has anyone worked in a shaormerie in Romania and knows how to season meat or what to marinate? I would also be interested in garlic sauce, if anyone knows how to make it or where to buy it. We used to eat shaorma from Dineș quite often and it was good — it had an almost ideal taste. This before making some nonsensical changes with the equipment (hob instead of toaster) and then going bankrupt, at least in my area.

Even though there are differences between shaormerias in Romania, the meat often has that specific taste that makes it clear that you eat shaorma. I would appreciate a more detailed tutorial if someone with experience cares or if you have found a blog post that says out loud how things are. THX!

It was tortillas

Did you think that you can make these tortilla sheets at home and they are exactly the same shaorma sticks you find on the market?

They do find out that they are so easy to make and are clearly superior to those in the trade. From just a few simple ingredients and within everyone's reach you can get the most delicious, soft and tasty tortilla leaves like at their mother's house. In addition to tortillas, they can be used successfully for shaorma, sandwiches, rolls with cheese and salmon or even in this recipe for banana, Nutella and peanut butter rolls.

They are made so easy that you stretch one, bake another and the job goes smoothly, in a maximum of one hour the sheets should be ready.

So stay tuned for the simple list of ingredients but also for the simple way of preparation, and the result will be truly amazing.

For many other recipes with or without meat or fasting dishes and much more, find in the snacks section, click here or on the photo.

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  • 480 g flour
  • 5 g baking powder
  • 6 g salt
  • 80 ml vegetable oil
  • 280 ml of warm water

Method of preparation:

In a bowl put the flour, salt and baking powder. We mix them and make a hole in the middle of it.

Add water, oil and mix with a spatula until it becomes inefficient, then move to manual kneading.

Knead until it comes off the walls of the bowl and get an elastic dough, quite soft and slightly sticky, do not add water because they will come out dry. We leave it aside for 10 minutes covered.

Remove the dough from the bowl on the work surface and knead for another 5 minutes.

Let it rest again for 10 minutes and then divide it into 16 equal parts.

Spread each piece of dough on a work surface sprinkled with flour 24 cm circles.

Bake on a hot pan for 40-50 seconds on each side, you don't need more, as they are quite thin and otherwise they will dry out.

Cut the chicken breast into small cubes or cubes and brown thoroughly in oil. We chose to use one Regis Stone Wok pan, so we didn't need to put much oil. Add spices to taste (salt, pepper, curry, coriander, paprika, garlic powder, etc.).

Cut the onion into thinner slices and sauté it next to the chicken breast, until it becomes soft and sweet.

Take the glue, hold it for 4-5 seconds directly on the eye from the stove, then turn it to heat it on the other side as well. Then take it, grease it well with mayonnaise, pour in as many ingredients as you want (meat with hardened onions, pickles, tomatoes and cucumbers, but also other ingredients you prefer), add ketchup or mayonnaise sauce on top, roll and enjoy! The best homemade shaorma recipe can be served with a generous portion of french fries!

The secret of success is the use of spices and the way in which the sweet aroma of onions blends perfectly with the spicy chicken!

We chose to use one Regis Stone Wok pan, which allowed us to use just a drop of oil. The meat and onion did not stick and we thus obtained a super dish, tasty but also extremely healthy! This is due to the special, non-stick coating, which gives the effect of hot stone. Whatever ingredients you choose, they do not stick and & icircsi keep not only the shape, but also the vivid color and nutrients!

More than that, the stainless steel base of the products from Regis Stone range they allow the heat to be distributed evenly so that you can prepare everything simpler and faster. Not for nothing did the contestants from the show & bdquoChefi at knives & rdquo always choose to cook & icircn these pans!

Try it too, you will surely thank us later!

Milk with rice

Ingredient: 2 cups short grain rice, 6 cups water, 4 cups milk, a pinch of salt, 6 tablespoons sugar, a sachet of vanilla sugar or vanilla beans.

Method of preparation: bring the water to a boil in a thick-bottomed pot. Wash the rice well and drain it with a sieve. Put the rice in boiling water and leave it for 5 minutes. In a separate bowl, bring the milk to a boil over medium heat. Remove the rice from the water and drain well. Put the rice lightly in the boiling milk and turn on the low heat.

Add salt, vanilla and sugar, then mix. Cover with a lid and cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring regularly until all the milk is absorbed. If you want a more liquid composition and a softer rice, add another cup of boiled milk.

Serve the rice hot, cold or at room temperature, with a little cinnamon or your favorite jam.

Video: Creamy Shawarma Sauce Recipe - White Sauce - 36th Episode (January 2022).