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Cake Pops

Cake Pops

To start, we crush the biscuits on the robot.

Put in a large bowl the blueberry jam, milk cream and nuts, sunflower peeled seeds, vanilla sugar, rum flavored sugar, milk sugar, oatmeal, rum essence.

Mix by hand until you get a homogeneous composition.

Form balls of the desired size and place them in the tray until all the balls are shaped.

In each ball we stick 1/2 skewer stick.

Melt the white chocolate with coconut flakes, the dark one and the milk chocolate together in a saucepan in 50 ml of milk.

We pass the balls through the chocolate icing, then we decorate them with the colored candies and we place them in the cups, leaving the distance between them not to stick to each other, until the icing hardens.

Good appetite!

Video: Εύκολα cupcakes, κεκάκια με βουτυρόκρεμα - Buttercream cupcakes. Greek Cooking by Katerina (January 2022).